Telemarketing Lists

Target Your Perfect Prospects—and Drive Your ROI Skyward

Imagine if your message reached only purchase-minded prospects who have an active interest in the products and services you offer. What would that mean for your bottom line?

With nearly 20 years of experience building premium telemarketing lists for our clients, Profit Marketing maintains a highly accurate database of millions of individuals, households and businesses nationwide. Our practice of constantly updating our lists ensures maximum-quality sales leads, while our segmentation process allows you to cherry-pick your most desirable prospects. Coupled with our turnkey printing and mailing services, our telemarketing lists effectively increase the profit potential of your campaign.

Profit Marketing offers targeted Telemarketing Lists in a variety of categories:

  • Consumers Telemarketing Lists: With a comprehensive database of information on 235 million households, Profit Marketing offers finely targeted telemarketing lists that encompass a variety of desirable consumer audiences. Select from categories like New Homeowners, Wealthy Senior Citizens, New Parents and many more.
  • Businesses Telemarketing Lists: Target decision-makers at businesses of all natures and sizes including Business Owners, Women in Business and others.
  • Specialty Telemarketing Lists: Need a list that doesn’t “fit the mold”? Profit Marketing can compile data that’s specially tailored to meet your audience profile, such as Professionals, Ethnic Groups, Occupations at Home, and more.

Ready to enhance your bottom line? To receive a free price quote on a customized Telemarketing List, contact Profit Marketing today.